Mission Updates

Chris McBurney - UCCF:The Christian Unions

"Making Disciples of Jesus Christ in the student world"

Christopher has been a lifetime member of KPC. Having completed his studies at Canterbury University in 2014, Chris took on the unpaid role of Relay Worker, based in Canterbury. Relay is UCCF's National Discipleship and Training Programme for Graduates. The role provided Chris with the opportunity to work alongside and support the students in the Christian Union while learning more and deepening his own faith in Jesus.

From September 2016, Chris has committed to a 3 year appointment as a CU Staff Worker. Ministering to students face to face, Chris will have unique opportunities for advancing the Gospel, working alongside CU's to make them as effective as they can be in their mission to the university. He values the prayers and financial support of friends in KPC.

Daniel Clarke - CUI Relay Worker

"To see students, transformed by encountering Jesus, transforming their campus, society, and the world."

Daniel has been attending Killinchy Presbyterian since he was 8 years old. He finished his A-Levels at RBAI in 2013, and went on to study History and Politics at Stirling University.

During 2017, he felt called to spend a year as a CUI Relay Worker. It is an opportunity to spend a year growing in personal discipleship and developing leadership ability. His week is spent working at University of Ulster, Jordanstown, supporting the Christian Union there . Daniel values the prayers and financial support of his church family in KPC.