John Newton (1725-1807) said ... 

The love I bear Christ is but a faint and feeble spark, but it is an emanation from himself: He kindled it and he keeps it alive; and because it is his work, I trust many waters shall not quench it.    

Ps 1: 3 He is like a tree planted by streams of water, which yields its fruit in season and whose leaf does not wither.  Whatever he does prospers. 

These words are about the life of the righteous in Ps 1.  On this road, God walks in front, because he watches over the way of the righteous (1:6).  Yesterday we said that the Word of the Lord is the source of our existence (1:2).  When we find our joy is the Word of the Lord, we are truly happy.  Like a sponge soaked with water, our whole life is soaked with the word of God.  Then our lives are bearing the fruit of God’s word.  There is stability in the lives of the righteous.  The fruit of the righteous is like a tree bearing fruit in season (1:3).  The secret of it all lies in our complete dependence on the word of God. 

Several years ago, a very strange phenomenon in the centre of London made people stop in their tracks.  It was a grapevine that grew in a very strange place, between buildings in soil that was not really suitable for it.  It was also known that there was a bank of impenetrable rock a few inches below the surface. This grapevine was healthy and had beautiful leaves and huge bunches of grapes.  There was a notice to explain this phenomenon to tourists.  The roots of this vine somehow found its way through the stone bank to the river Thames.  The source was the cause of continuous growth and fruitfulness.

This is how it is with the word of God!

Lord, thank you that you are the source of our life and growth, by the power of your Spirit.  Amen.